Equipment Manufacturing Division


This division is the specialist manufacturer and supplier of the BELL FIREFIGHTER range of fire control equipment, including portable fire units, trailers, emergency response vehicles, fire hose reels, high-pressure fire pumps and foam / water suppression nozzles. We provide design and engineering solutions for most fire related tasks.

All products are Australian Made   Australian Made


700 or 1000 litre capacity “Fire Fighter” with water tank, foam storage tank and ancillary equipment stowage lockers contained within the fibreglass body which is custom fitted to a suitably modified single axle (700 Lt) or tandem axle (1000 Lt) trailer.


Manufactured in high strength cast aluminium to take the inevitable hard knocks of firefighting operations.  Simple, single-handed operation and low maintenance is assured with internal diaphragm and self flushing non-return valves protected by a brass / stainless line filter that minimises water debris blockages.  Mounting is direct 4 x bolt to any flat surface / bracket at any angle to the pump.


The RAYDAN variable proportioner provides accurate induction of the various range of firefighting foam concentrates on pumps up to 75mm suction.

There are two models available:

The standard (yellow) RAYDAN is calibrated to produce rates from 35 to 65 through a 40mm or 65mm hose or 1% to 12% chemical mix through a 20mm/25mm hose.

The limited flow (blue) RAYDAN is calibrated to produce rates from 0.1% to 1% chemical mix through either 20mm, 25mm or 40mm delivery hose.

Both units are available in kit form, complete with hoses and fittings and are readily fitted to most centrifugal pumps.


A range of sturdy diffuser style nozzles developed and built predominantly for bushfire control.  Fitted with a unique floating diffuser which prevents debris-induced water stream distortion with minimal rotational turns between jet/spray flow characteristics for ease of gloved hand use.  Available in sizes to suit hose reel and layflat use.  Utilised in a variety of engineered products, such as pistol grip nozzles, high volume monitor discharge, fixed fire protection deluge and direct coupled plant wash down.

Also known as a twist grip nozzle.


A range of polished alloy hydrant rise standpipes, generally manufactured to suit both key & bar and ball type below ground hydrant valves common to Western Australia with British Instantaneous discharge couplings. Also available with Storz and other customer requirements.

All standpipes are available in both fixed / swivel head and single / dual head discharge couplings and are manufactured with the foot lock nut available in cast alloy or brass.

Hydrant Bar & Key

25mm steel bar stock with pinned and welded cast iron key and spindle end fittings, to suit (WA) below ground hydrant valves.


The PULASKI is a combination axe and mattock hand tool manufactured in Western Australia from high grade cast steel, fitted with a straight grain timber handle.


Heavy duty galvanised steel extinguisher brackets designed for mobile use to securely lock most brands of extinguisher with pull down lever release.  Three models are available with both vertical and horizontal positioning installation and adjustable with rubber shock absorbing pads to limit cylinder damage.

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